ZoukOut 2018: 10 things that happen at every music fest, without fail.

A mixture of passion, sweat and tears plus fluids from unknown sources. And oh, let’s not forget we’re all here for the music.  

1. Getting bumped into by at least 100 people. Most of them will say sorry but none of them actually mean it.

2. Ending up directly behind a guy who decides to put his girlfriend on his shoulders, creating a shaky human pillar that could collapse any minute.

3. Feeling amazed and confused how 2 complete strangers become strangely intimate dance partners in the course of one song.

4. As much as you try to avoid sweaty human contact, it magically fails every time.

5. Let’s not forget how you wish to look like dancing.

6. And how you actually look like dancing.

7. The constant struggle between wanting to stay hydrated, drunk and to avoid going to the portable toilet AT ALL COST.

8. Despite all the above, it’s all somehow worth it at the end of the day.

9. Falling asleep that night knowing that you’ve just had the best times of your life.

10. Waking the next morning, going through your photos, and ready to do this all over again next year, without question.

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