ZoukOut 2018: Blast from the past – Mambo Jambo Returns!

Remember when DJ Craze took Mambo Jambo centre stage with freestyle champ MC Armanni in ZoukOut 2007? Whether you were there or not, as long as you’re a die-hard Mambo Jambo fan or a curious party animal, you’ll want in on this – Mambo Jambo is making a comeback at ZoukOut 2018. An all-ages event, come one, come all and bring on your dancing king or queen best.

Yesterday Once More

Everybody loves a good throwback. A throwback maximum programmed for the club kids of yesterday and today, the event is a back-to-back special with the 80s-early 90s tunes of Mambo Jambo, followed by the smash hits of the late 90s-early 00s. Fronted by Mambo veterans, local heroes like Tony Tay, Leonard and Jeremy Boon will be laying the grooves, while the duo of Lincey and The Dinosaur will be dishing a loop of the teenage guilty pleasures. Ready your vocals and moves because this is the one party for the shameless sing-along and boogie.

You Can Dance, You can Jive

Got moves? Flaunt them at the Mambo Jambo Dance Off. Show us the boogie and you may just win Moët & Chandon champagne bottles to celebrate your sizzling moves. Unfamiliar with the motions? The stage is set-up just like the usual Mambo Jambo floor with podiums lined with the fabulous Mambo enthusiasts. Just observe, mimic, and very soon you’ll get it. It’s everyone’s dance floor out here so don’t be shy, just embrace the music.

Before You Go-Go

Held at AJ Hackett Sentosa in the day from 4pm to 9pm this 1 December, event grounds extend from the family-friendly party floor to the open waters where you can take dip or groove to the best 70’s to 80’s hits on the iconic dance podiums.

Looking for a quick adrenaline rush pre-ZoukOut? The venue also offers a list of extreme activities such as bungee jump and giant swings. For the non-thrill seekers, head up to the sky bridge to catch a glimpse of the golden hour up for the perfect view of Sentosa.

More info can be found here.

Something for everyone

Whether you are young or young-at-heart, swing by and soak in the vibe Pre-Zoukout within the AJ Hackett space and GUESS lounge. Limited tickets are now on sale from $55 per adult (tickets cover entry to Mambo Jambo Beach Party only, unless otherwise stated). All ZoukOut ticket holders are entitled to join the party with no extra cost. The first 250 attendees can even nab a customized Mambo Jambo drawstring bag at Swatch’s booth.

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